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Cickatell Mobile Messaging  Any Message, Anywhere. Clickatell is the world's leading provider of Bulk SMS messaging services and SMS Gateway connectivity with reliable coverage to 569 networks in 183 countries worldwide.   8621 
Sending SMS via HTTP with PHP  This online tutorial shows you how to construct a basic SMS message and send it via your PHP application.  8617 
Ozeki Message Server  Ozeki Message Server 6 - SMS Server is a powerful, flexible SMS Gateway application, that enables you to send/receive SMS messages to mobile devices with your computer.  8617 
SMS with NowSMS  Sample PHP code for sending an SMS message through the NowSMS gateway  8616 
Open Mobile Alliance  This is a direct link to a PDF on the MMS Spec.  8616 
CodeComments  Forum post with sample code for sending inline attachment in MIME email  8615 
Create your own MMS  Read how to use Apache & PHP to create your own MMS Server  8614 
Receive Your Emails By SMS  Receive all your emails as text messages on your phone. Worldwide Delivery.  8613  send sms , group SMS, multimedia SMS, group multimedia SMS, nokia ringtones, nokia logos, receive your emails by SMS, set up 2 way SMS, appointment reminders by SMS anywhere to India and the world  8613 
GSM World  MMS Information  8612 
PrimeMessage  Your Turn-Key B2B Mobile Messaging Solution  8611 
Receive E-mail on your phone by text messages anywhere in the world from unlimited pop3 accounts.  Receive E-mail on your phone by text messages anywhere in the world from unlimited pop3 accounts.  8611 
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