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Opposing Debate  Hear both sides of the political debate in this open political forum.  1207 
George Bush Comic Maker  Make parody cartoons of the president, download or send as ecard!  1178 
Debate Transcripts  Want to re-read what was said in the last three U.S. Presidential Debates? Here's the link you need.  1145 
John Kerry (D MA)  Review John F. Kerry's U.S. Senatorial voting record for yourself  1089 
John Edwards (D NC)  Review John Edwards U.S. Senatorial voting record for yourself  1085 
JeSaurai - global webzine  open your mind to all the thoughts, experiences and sensoral pleasures in the world  1055 
Hillary Clinton is a Marxist  Learn why Hillary Clinton scares the bejeezus outa me.  890  Where your opinion counts  727 
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