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Valid DTDs page with the markup for valid Doc Type Declarations  2550 
Mime Types  Here's a wonderfully simple list of the most common MIME types  1885 
META Tag Guide  Here's a great page to assist in designing your meta tags properly  1732 
Entity References  SGML really, for use with HTML, XHTML, XML, SGML, etc.  1676 
Object Embed Tags  Here's a great thread with example code for all different types of object embed plugins for your web pages, such as Windows media, Flash, and more.  1444 
DOCTYPE declarations  A List Apart explains why you need the right DOCTYPE declaration in your web document.  1362 
PICS-Label Generator  This one was done by Vancouver Webpages  1319 
HTML Color Picker - Color Scheme Designer  This is a really cool, fast way to pick a nice color scheme for your website. Includes a color-blindness simulation.  1278 
345 Software Solutions  Providing some solution ideas to modern web development problems. Featuring the latest web technologies including .NET, J2EE, and the open source LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).   1213 
ScrubTheWeb Metatag Analyzer  Use this free tool to analyze your home page's meta-tag content.  1201 
Web Page Dimensions explains how big (or small) web pages should be for screens and printing on paper  1142 
HTML401 Spec  Detailed W3C specifications for HTML 4  1084 
QuickTime Object Embed Tags  Want to put a QuickTime movie on your website? Lookup the technical specifications on Apple's website.  1070 
W3Schools  Teach yourself to code HTML, XML, and more. Get lessons and tutorials straight from the source.  1054 
List of Mime Types  This list at webtoolkit has the MIME-TYPE as well as the 3-digit or 4-digit file type extension.  976 
Validator  Use this tool from the W3C to check your HTML / XHTML markup for conformance to W3C Recommendations.  958 
MIME Types  This is the official list of MIME Types as assigned by IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.  914 
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