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This site is dedicated to the contributors of the open-source software movement.
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Phil's Fonts Inc.  Over 30,000 Fonts from 75+ Foundries  1478 
Font Utilities  This is a great list at of just about every font utility available on the market.  1442 
Abstract Fonts  Why pay for fonts when Abstract Fonts has over 9,000 high-quality typefaces for FREE!  1392 
FontHaus  Featuring more than 15,000 typefaces, FontHaus has been selling fully-licensed, high-quality digital type to designers since 1990 and online since 1994  1385 
Emigré  Emigré licenses over 300 of the most distinctive and contemporary fonts available to designers today.   1331  Use the visual search tool at to determine and buy the typeface used in almost any artwork.  1311 
House Fonts  House Industries - Try fonts before you buy with LetterSetter!  1308 
T.26  Digital Type Foundry  1267 
fontfox: hand-picked free fonts  A selection of high quality hand-picked free fonts found on the Internet.  1265 
Kieth Devens  Links to programmer's fonts.  1193 
ProggyFonts  Programmers mono-spaced fonts. Every font here is free and created by a programmer.  1107 
ThePixelPlant  Get Pixel Fonts for Flash & Photoshop at ThePixelPlant  1106 
Free Pixel Fonts  Download free pixel fonts for Flash from this cool Japanese designer  987 
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