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Database Journal  What is database normalization? How do you delete duplicate rows in a MySQL table? Visit the Database Journal to find out.  1625 
MySQL  The database platform of choice for open-source web development.  1578 
Iso Country & U.S. States  Instantly create the MySQL tables & data necessary for Country & State - Thank you  1233  DBDesigner 4 is program you can use to design MySQL databases. FREE Software under GPL.  1148 
Microsoft SQL Server  Expensive and proprietary RDBMS used by medium and large businesses worldwide.  1144 
DBWrench  Hands down, the best graphical editor for DB Schema design. Develop, view, modify, reverse and forward engineer robust databases and tables, including entity relationships. Supports MySQL, PostgreSql, MS SQL & MS Access.  1058 
Database Diagrams in Visio  This tutorial page at U of Texas illustrates how to use Visio to make database diagrams - the smart way  1057 
Firebird  Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-92 features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms.   1054 
Postgresql  Next-generation DBMS research prototype  1007 
MySQL SET Data Type  Why and when would you want to use a SET( ), MySQL's complex data type? It allows up to 64 items to be combo-selected, such as a checkbox array. This article explains more.  883 
Zip Codes  BrainyZip has a simple browse by zip code and zip code search of US Zip Codes.  835 
Zip Code Database  ZipCodeWorld provides a downloadable database of US Zip Codes as well as Canada and Mexico Postal Codes.  835 
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