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BlueRobot  Not a huge resource, but a concise one.  8664 
How do you get DIVs to behave like Tables?  A great little post at that explores the confusion many HTML designers experience when migrating away from HTML Tables, TRs & TDs to more CSS-Friendly DIVs and CSS.  8659 
Practical CSS  Perhaps the best resource available that explains how and why to use CSS in place of TABLES.  8629 CSS Links  Large list of CSS resources  8622 
Flexible Layouts  A List Apart article on Tableless design  8618 
Box Lessons  Tableless design using CSS2  8616 
Taming Lists  A List Apart article on CSS with Lists  8616 
PNG Transparency  A List Apart article on the various issues related to using 32-bit PNG files with alpha-channel transparency including cross-browser support and techniques.  8616 
External CSS to Inline CSS Converter  This Pre-mailer Script at will load in your HTML page along with external CSS files and returns a version of the page with all the CSS converted to inline styles. Since most mail readers strip styles out of the html head, converting them to inline styles solves the problem.  8615 
CSS Selectors  This reference page from the W3C explains how to use valid CSS Selectors when designing your web pages with cascading style sheets.  8614 
Windows XP Default Fonts  Here's a visual list of the fonts installed by default in Windows XP  8614 
Macintosh OSX Default Font List  Here's a visual reference of the fonts installed by default under Mac OS X  8614 
CSS Tips  Paul Sweatte put together a bunch of notes on this very handy CSS page.  8614 
Pure CSS Menu with 3 levels and no Javascript  So you want pure CSS rollover dropdown menus on your site, and it won't work with IE6. Here's what you need to know. Thanks to Tedd Sperling.  8614 
CSS Zen Garden  A demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design. Select any style sheet from the list to load it into this page.  8613 
Listamatic  Visit for an incredible variety of options using lists, that is the HTML ul li elements  8613 
CSS-D Archives  Chances are your question about CSS has already been asked and answered. Search the best CSS List - CSS-discuss.  8613 
Styling Forms  Check out the various ways you can improve the look of your forms using the Fieldset, Legend and Label tags.  8613 
CSS Play  This dude Stu from the UK is amazing and has a zillion demos of menus and whatnot.  8613 
Ruthsarian Layouts  Building CSS-based layouts can be a pain in the ass. In an attempt to save the sanity of myself and others, I offer these layouts that I've put together. Everything here is royalty-free, copyright-free, and warranty-free. Enjoy!  8612 
CSS Issues in Internet Explorer  Trying to get CSS-based websites to look the same across all browsers can often be difficult. Many of the problems however lie with Internet Explorer implementing CSS commands differently to other, more standards compliant browsers.  8612 
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